City To Casino

This Sunday I am running in one of my favourite Fun Runs, the City to Casino. This run is in Hobart and I am trying to win the primary school 2.7km run. Last year I came second and am improving well so I might have a chance. If you live in Australia come to Tassie to try out this run as it is very good. There is a 7 and 11km run aswell as the primary school 2.7km. So any adults can run aswell. Thanks for viewing, Joseph


For anyone that likes soccer I have posted a video on youtube of one of my best goals at my local soccer pitch. Just type Awesome goal from corner by 12 year old boy. Click on the first option. Remember to comment, like and describe! 🙂 Thanks


For anybody that likes the sport AFL there is a competition at calleddreamteam where you can create your own team with players from the Australian Football League and compete against other people with your team.Your players score by every thing they doothereof match. All the people in your team have their scores added up and the best dreamteam coach of that round wins a large prize. My highest score is 2135. To play against me and others search AFL dreamteam in google and click on the first option.

Almost Holidays!!!

Hello everyone, sorry that it has been a while since my last post. It is almost the holidays!!!
Today I am travelling to Launceston in Tasmania to compete in a state athletic carnival. It is a long drive but I am very confident. Like you I am looking forward to the holidays. Please posta comment about what you are going to get up to these holidays.

City To Casino

On the 20th of May I went in the 2.7km City to Casino fun run. I was in the school team. There are lots of people in the race and all of my family went in it. Lots of my friends did aswell. I came second behind Torin and won a $100 voucher for the Running Edge. I will spend it on some new shoes as my other ones are worn out. My brothers had fun and every finisher got a medal. My time was 9 min 30 which was 30 seconds inside my goal.


The AFL season has started again. This year a new team has joined called Greater Western Sydney Giants. They are off to a better start than the new team last year, Gold Coast Suns. North Melbourne is playing 2 matches this year at Blundstone Arena in Tasmania. I am going to watch them both because I live near there and go for North Melbourne. I have got a membership and got given a scarf, membership card, keyring, cap, inflatable hand, 20% discount voucher for the north melbourne shop and lots more. This year I am doing Dreamteam and Tipping which are online competitions for AFL. I am really enjoying these competitions.